Workbench Books, Inspiration for the Perfection of Workbench

Workbench Books, Inspiration for the Perfection of Workbench

Workbench is a strong well-built table in which people do manual works like woodworking. This kind of table is various in size and design; which results on the different products of the works. There are huge workbenches made from different materials; which range from simple to complicated designs. Most people or particularly carpenters generally look for workbenches which fulfill several criteria; including the right size, the comfort, portability, and the functions. Meanwhile, the appearance of a workbench can reflect the experience and personality of its maker.

Creating workbench, for some people, is a quite complicated task to do. There are things to consider in order that they can make such a beneficial as well as effective workbench. Information on how to make magnificent advantageous workbenches can be obtained from everywhere; from the book, magazine, internet, and other sources of knowledge. Among those sources, a readable and comprehensive workbench book will be a great source to learn about numerous workbench plans.

One of the most popular books in designing workbench is “The Workbench Book”; which is written by Scott Landis. This man has a high interest in tools. He is a kind of person who loves building canoes better than paddling them. For him, workbench is something where every woodworking product comes from. Therefore, he tries the best to serve the reader with beneficial information about workbench and all around it through the workbench book he writes. Click here to see the details of Scoot’s masterpiece on workbench.

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This workbench book contains everything about workbench; the evolution, the history from previous eras, the traditional and modern workbenches, and also the workbench plans for various purposes. Scott Landis, who also enjoys the profession as freelance editor and also writer in woodworking subject, organizes the content of the book into a good arrangement; which allows the readers to have an organized read.


Through his book, Scott observes and examines the type of workbenches for any kind of woodworking, from the traditional up to the ones in modern styles. He describes each style in a complete explanation, so that the readers will get complete information about each workbench; including the function and how to make. Illustration and detailed photos give the reader clearer explanation.

This 256-pages book is inspirational; that is what some people say after reading it. Landis does write it very well with deep insight on the workbench’s usages, the techniques for holding work, and also on the exciting history. The photos and illustrations given are said to be so much helpful for the readers to visualize what they read.

Moreover, this book is not only appropriate for the advanced in workbench world, but also for those who are in beginner, novice, or intermediate level. For the beginner, history will give such a preface to learn more about workbench; at least to raise more enthusiasm. On the other hands, the sketches provided on the book will be a great inspiration for the novice, as well as the workbench ideas for the intermediate. For the advanced, this book can be a trigger to develop their creativity in creating the remarkable workbenches.

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In general, Landis’ The Workbench Book is a comprehensive book to read; a recommended one for those who want to be an expert in workbench making. For more reviews, click here.

Besides the book from Scott Landis, you can also try to have a read on The Workbench: A Complete Guide to Creating Your Perfect Bench. If you have a dream of a perfect workbench, this book will be a great companion for you to realize it. This workbench book is written by Lon Schleining. Discussing every single thing about great workbench plans; The Workbench will be a great guidance to find and build perfect workbenches for different purposes.

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Scheiling aims to create inclusive guidance for the woodworking lovers in choosing the right workbench; also the important tools they should have to build the perfect and functional ones. Exceptional illustrations along with 279 colorful stunning photos provide more clear information for the readers; giving them inspiration to create and realize their dreamed workbench plans.

Similar to the one provided in Scott Landis’s The Workbench Book, this one from Scheiling also explains about various workbenches from time to time; the traditional up to the modern.

Another workbench book you can try to get on bookstore is the one from Christopher Schwarz, entitled The Workbench Design Book. Schwarz has taught in numerous places and he got so many experiences about workbench to share in his book. Besides, he also publishes a phenomenal book entitled Workbenches about which many people are talking about. This book is said as a better guidance than the one from Scheiling’s.

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There are still more books on workbenches which you can use as the source of ideas ton your workbench choice or making. Click here to see more references.

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