flowers that repel mosquitoes

Tips For Using Flowers To Repel Mosquitoes


There is nothing more annoying than trying to enjoy a beautiful summer evening, only to be constantly bombarded by mosquitoes. While there are many commercial insect repellents available, they often contain harsh chemicals that can be harmful to your health, your pets, and the environment. Fortunately, there is a natural and aesthetically pleasing way to repel mosquitoes – by planting flowers that naturally repel them.

Flowers that Repel Mosquitoes

There are many different varieties of flowers that are known to repel mosquitoes. Here are just a few examples:

Lavender: This fragrant plant not only smells great, but it also repels mosquitoes. Plant lavender in pots on your patio or in your garden to keep mosquitoes away.

Citronella: Citronella is a common ingredient in many commercial insect repellents. However, you can also plant citronella in your garden to naturally repel mosquitoes.

Lemon Balm: This plant has a citrusy scent that mosquitoes dislike. Plant lemon balm in pots or in your garden to keep mosquitoes away.

Marigolds: Not only do marigolds add a splash of color to your garden, but they also repel mosquitoes. Plant marigolds around the perimeter of your patio or garden to keep mosquitoes at bay.

Peppermint: The strong scent of peppermint is a natural mosquito repellent. Plant peppermint in pots or in your garden to keep mosquitoes away.

Tips for Using Flowers to Repel Mosquitoes

Planting flowers is a great way to naturally repel mosquitoes. However, there are a few tips to keep in mind when using this method:

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Plant strategically: Plant flowers in areas where you spend the most time, such as your patio or outdoor seating area.

Plant in pots: If you don’t have a lot of space, plant flowers in pots that you can move around as needed.

Combine different flowers: Planting a variety of flowers that repel mosquitoes will give you the best results.


Planting flowers that repel mosquitoes is a natural, safe, and aesthetically pleasing way to keep these annoying insects at bay. By strategically planting lavender, citronella, lemon balm, marigolds, and peppermint, you can enjoy a mosquito-free summer. Don’t forget to also follow our tips on planting strategically, using pots, and combining different flowers for the best results. Happy gardening!

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