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Tips For Caring For Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Indoors


Fiddle leaf figs have become one of the most popular indoor plants in recent years. Their beautiful large leaves and ability to add a touch of nature to any room make them a great addition to any home. However, caring for a fiddle leaf fig can be tricky. Here are some tips to help keep your fiddle leaf fig healthy and happy.


Fiddle leaf figs thrive in bright, indirect light. Place your plant near a window with filtered sunlight or use a sheer curtain to filter the light. Avoid placing your plant in direct sunlight as it can burn the leaves. If you can’t find a spot with good lighting, consider investing in a grow light.


Overwatering is a common mistake when caring for a fiddle leaf fig. Water your plant once a week or when the top inch of soil is dry. Be sure to use a pot with good drainage to prevent water from pooling at the bottom. Too much water can lead to root rot, which can be fatal to your plant.


Fertilize your fiddle leaf fig once a month during the growing season (spring and summer) with a balanced fertilizer. Do not fertilize during the fall and winter as the plant will be in a dormant state.


Fiddle leaf figs prefer humidity levels between 30-65%. If the air in your home is dry, consider using a humidifier or placing a tray of water near your plant. Misting your plant can also help increase humidity levels.

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Pruning is important for maintaining the shape of your fiddle leaf fig and promoting healthy growth. Prune any dead or damaged leaves as soon as they appear. You can also prune your plant to shape it or to prevent it from getting too tall.


Repotting your fiddle leaf fig every 2-3 years is important to ensure it has enough room to grow. Use a pot that is 1-2 inches larger than the current pot and be sure to use well-draining soil.


Caring for a fiddle leaf fig can be challenging, but with the right care, your plant can thrive and grow for many years. Remember to give your plant good lighting, water it properly, and fertilize it during the growing season. With a little love and attention, your fiddle leaf fig will add beauty and life to your home.

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