10 Top Tips for Using Your Social Media Responsibly

10 Top Tips for Using Your Social Media Responsibly

Internet is not forgotten. He doesn’t forgive either. Half of the residents searched for other people and their own information, noting how our slip became a biographical milestone. Social media is the best search engine.

In a time of fast-paced culture and direct communication, social media is a powerful loudspeaker that can turn cultural products upside down — rethinking casting choices in films or knocking out marketing campaigns. As Stan Lee said: great power comes with great responsibility.

1. Don’t abuse hashtags

Community account managers on Instagram often fall into this error. The desire to position results in a long hashtag wall, with the function of covering the widest possible spectrum of trends. But this usually distorts the message, at times where focusing and segmenting targets is usually seen as a more functional strategy.

Where is the ideal? In 4-5 clear hashtags, well positioned, according to the theme and message, reinforced by keywords that complement the idea. Both of these tools are perfect for increasing visibility. Therefore, our goal should be that, not to obscure ideas.

2. It’s better to be silent than a glowing replica

Sometimes things get out of control. That’s normal. The internet is full of anonymous provocateurs. We can find ourselves in uncomfortable situations where persistent attacks lead to a toxicity environment where, protected by the right of responsibility, we fall into disqualification.

When the only argument we have in our hands is in ad hominem form – an argumentative fallacy against the person, not against the argument – it is that something is wrong. Tools like Tweetdeck allow us to respond immediately, but, as the motto says, it’s better to count to ten and rethink the replica.

3. Permeability by day

Reality sets the tempo of social networks. In our different schedules we will find obituaries mixed with opinion articles, reviews, fake news…

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To make good use of social networks, we must know how to take a pulse from day to day. How will we respond to death? It depends on the context, but we must always maintain a certain courtesy, caution and respect on behalf of relatives and relatives.

It’s a maxim that we can extrapolate to any area: we must communicate at prime time, keep track of our followers’ tracking and synergies and not produce moments of discomfort outside our usual time zone.10 Top Tips for Using Your Social Media Responsibly

4. Respect authorship

Of course, we should always mention the author, not just form a chain and attribute the benefits of others. Even when we don’t know the authorship, we have to refer to it. The “don’t go into tweet” pretext should not be used.

If something works, if we find a photo that depicts a moment that interests us, whether funny, newsworthy, important to move to a higher position or a similar situation, we must cite the source.

5. Spelling mistakes that went viral

Success has no form. Grammatical errors can condition the chain of replies, generate jokes and go viral. But this is something unusual, subject to variables we can or cannot control.

Therefore, we recommend the responsible use of language. When in doubt, we can always ask Fundéu. But the comma where it shouldn’t be or the tilde is omitted doesn’t lead to misunderstandings. If our work material is a client, misspellings can further increase user uncertainty and confusion.

6. The customer is not always right

Communities can intoxicate language. We’ve already shown this. But when disqualification reaches the realm of harassment, direct threat or defamation, it enters the realm of honor crimes.

Personal or corporate accounts, the minimum should always be tacitly accepted. Otherwise, there is nothing to tone down, but to go to a different action to notify spam or abuse. The protocol we must follow in this case requires the collection of all possible information in order to be able to take appropriate legal action. The screenshot may not serve the court, but it will serve the employer or the network itself to block the service.

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7. Intimacy… in privacy

Imagine that it’s 12 o’clock in the evening, you’ve just left the restaurant angry and you start, by accident, to tweet from a professional profile account, confusing it with a personal one. with active geolocation. Then you decide to do it against the profile of the restaurant, very critical of the quality of service.

In this case we are facing two problems: first, we have compromised our client’s account. And this can cause us problems. Second, we have discredited brands but, even worse, we have provided personal data with which they can easily connect us.

If you are in your spare time, it may be easier to unlink the service from our personal smartphone. No work mixing with entertainment.

8. Use of third party data

This may sound too obvious, but while we are not concerned about protecting our confidentiality, we do have to ensure third party data. In open social networks we must avoid publishing postal addresses, contact phone numbers or personal email accounts. Especially if we communicate from an agency.

Direct messages and private chats would be the perfect framework for this particular information. The protection we must emphasize in the case of children and youth. Legal protection is different for minors. How old? According to Royal Law 33/1978, November 16, the age of majority is set at 18 years. No photos or videos because privacy is violated and the honor of minors is violated.

9. Contrast source: two or three times

Pure journalistic praxis: whether we are part of the ‘fourth plantation’ or not, verification of information must prevail over virality and submission to replicate journalism. An exclusive sale, but García Márquez has already said that “the spoon was not given by the person who first published the facts, but the first to put them well”. The skill lies in tone, temper, where telling fluently and telling honestly goes hand in hand.

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Hoaxes and fake news are not only enemies of truth, they are also disinformation. It doesn’t matter if we praise ‘Star Wars’ or talk about buying a cell phone. If we say this device can explode or the Jar Binks jar reappears in the film, we are only doing damage to the network.

10. Intellect

If in doubt, don’t do it. Anyone would say this is a simple bit of a saying. But the voice of sanity is always a good counselor. If we are to guarantee the success of our social networks, we must communicate cleanly, clearly and appeal to common sense.

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