10 room makeover ideas that can improve your mood

10 room makeover ideas that can improve your mood

Try to remember when you change your bedroom for the last time. Did it last year? Two years ago? One thing is for sure, you need to do room makeover as soon as possible to maintain a positive vibe. There are many ways that you can improve the look of your room from small projects such as replacing your desk lights for a project that spends a lot of time as you paint your bedroom. I have listed 10 room makeover ideas that can improve your mood by bloghome.com. Let’s check!

10. Working on your desk lamp the desk lamp is one of the most commonly used items to decorate the bedroom. Its beautiful design makes them pretty good jewellery that gives a little light to your bed, creating the perfect reading corner of the bedroom. If you’re tired of your desk lights, you can replace them with new ones that feature different designs. But if your budget is limited, you can add a twist to the existing desk lamp by covering the lamp hood with flowers. By doing so, you will be able to get amazing table lights at a cheap price.

9. Small antique bedroom Makeover staying in the room is small and messy can be frustrating. It feels very limited so you can move around easily. But never think you can’t do anything with it. In fact, many ideas have been waiting to be applied for so long. First, you need to empty your bedroom to see potential charms that you can save for your makeover project. This small bedroom, for example, is not too bad. It has a nice pole-mat trim, superb hardwood floors, and a window that provides ample natural light. So make sure you save it. Then, you can put the bed in it. Make sure the bed fits the room so you may need to measure it beforehand. Place the headrests under the window and ditch the footwear as it will only make the bedroom look narrower. As this is a small bedroom, you may need to invest in a full-size mirror that allows you to see your look from head to toe as well as reflect light. To make it look more epic, frame the mirror with a weathered element of texture.

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8. Small bedroom with reading corner The small bedroom is not a disaster at all. It can also package as much as the bigger ones. All you need to do is choose the right furniture to make you feel comfortable. This bedroom, for example, is used to display two large and large cabinets sitting side-by-hand with the headboard, making the bed feel more limited. Therefore, homeowners decide to make them narrower. With two cabinets on the left and right side of the bed, you can’t have a side table where you can put your book and your phone. Don’t worry! You can still have a reading corner here by adding shelves mounted from the closet along with the candle holder. To make the bedroom look more attractive, you can wrap the headboard with cloth for a new look.

7. Eclectic and airy there are no strict rules in decorating your room. It’s your bedroom. You are a person who knows what you want and needs to feel comfortable. If you want to throw different colors and patterns at once, just do it! But make sure you do it right. Even if you want to apply an eclectic style, you still need to pay attention to composition. Sticking to two or three color schemes is better than randomly mixing colors. This bedroom, for example, looks fresher and fresher with strawberry and blue colors. Various patterns are also added to enrich the look. And to bind them all, painting the white walls would be nice. Instead of pushing the bed to the wall, you could put a bed in the middle, allowing more space on both sides that makes the room look more airier.

6. Cabin bed with secret Den don’t let confined spaces prevent your child from having fun. Turn a small space into a safe place for your child to play. Every child likes to have a secret place to play. If there is not enough room to build a tent in the bedroom, you could make a nest under the bed. You just need to slightly raise the bed to create a space under the bed. To save more space, get a NORDLI drawer with 3 drawers in IKEA to support a bed frame. Place the crates consecutively and pull a few inches from the wall. Add a ladder-style frame as a rear supporter. Make sure it has the same length as the three crates. Then, you can start assembling the bed frame, paint them white, and place the mattress on the spot. For easy access to the bed, place an IKEA BEKVÄM step bench near the bed. Now your child will smile happily because he knows he has a secret room under the bed and plenty of drawers to store his toys and clothes.

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5. Use multipurpose Furniture The biggest challenge of a small bedroom is to use the most efficient space so you can store your belongings as well as have a chance to move. The best way to do this is by investing in multi-purpose furniture. If your bedroom is too small to have a bed and sofa, try investing in a daybed with an extra bed underneath. Daybed can be the perfect place to sit and relax like a sofa. This allows you to maintain a pleasant conversation with your guests. And when the guests are home, you can take a pillow and nap. To fill the awkward corners, you can put tables and chairs and turn them into your work area. You may also want to have a wall-mounted shelf to store your books or trinkets.

4. Fixing the rest of the goods the best way to renovate your room without draining your money is to recycle the rest. Now look around your home and discover the potential food remnants that can be utilized. You can make side tables hang from multiple boards, ropes, and eye hooks. If you think it’s tough enough, you can choose an unused step and place it next to your bed. For a more modern look, you can make yourself wall-mounted as a side table. Or, find a wooden crate and just place it in your bedroom.

3. Arrange items with shopping bags instead of spending some fancy storage boxes, why don’t you try to get better even for free? Just grab some shopping bags and plug it on your Cork board. Now you have enough boxes to store cards, stationery, and even glasses.

2. Motivational quotes on pillow Other ideas are easy and affordable to enhance the positive vibes in your room writing motivational quotes on your pillow. To get this look, you have to write a quotation on a piece of paper and stick it in the pillow case. Using a cloth pen, track the words. After that, set the ink by ironing the text.

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1. Expanding your small storage room one of the most important things of the bedroom is the ample storage space. If you are fortunate enough to have a closet in your bedroom but not as large as it is, you can tear the walls and doors to add more storage space. After that, you can get the shelves open or make it so that they can fit the closet perfectly. It’s 10 room makeover ideas that not only make your room better but also your day

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